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 Mission Wednesday, July 17, 2024
About South By South East

A LOCAL NON-PROFIT, CHARITABLE organization, South by Southeast was formed in 2003 by a group of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area music lovers and community-minded folks to preserve and promote Americana music by hosting performances in intimate, non-traditional venues. Our mission is to provide assistance and support to local music education programs, and to offset some costs associated with the musical education of young people in our area. In this time of budget cuts for funding the arts, our primary goal is to help young people in their pursuit of the joys of music.

PAST DONATIONS to the Myrtle Beach Middle School Orchestra and Dr. David Bankston's Guitars in the Classroom project are examples of the programs that we have and will continue to support. Read more about our efforts.

ORIGINALLY A MEMBERSHIP-BASED organization, South by Southeast was made up of a blend of both local residents and out-of-town music fans. With the help of our partners we have been able to stage small, very intimate concerts featuring an incredible array of singers, songwriters, story tellers and performers.

Music Feasts were held early on at the Aloha Motel in Myrtle Beach. As attendance grew, we moved our events to the warehouse floor at New South Brewing. The large stainless steel vats filled with their various brews made a perfect backdrop for our casual concerts. New South has been a wonderful supporter for South by Southeast from the start. We have most recently found a "home" for our music feasts at the historic Myrtle Beach Train Depot and are grateful to the City of Myrtle Beach for this venue. We stage our music feasts five to eight times over the course of the year.

TICKETS FOR OUR MUSIC FEASTS include a wonderful concert PLUS a potluck dinner and beverages. Some food and beverages are provided by our organization for each show. Often people bring covered dishes, desserts, and other treats to supplement the feast. This down home, southern custom is completely voluntary, by no means mandatory, and should not deter those from attending our events. Some concerts have a restaurant sponsor who provides additional items. Past restaurant sponsors include Dead Dog Saloon and Bubba's Love Shack. We greatly appreciate all the fine food we have been blessed with at our shows.

Historic Myrtle Beach Train Depot

SXSE MUSIC FEASTS ARE THE BEST DEAL IN TOWN! Admission to South by Southeast Music Feasts is $20 to $30 per person depending on the performance. Discount advance admissions are available online via e-Tix. You can purchase these discounted tickets by clicking the e-Tix link on our home page. A reduced admission is sometimes available for students and others under 21. Admission prices for individual events will be shown online and in our South by Southeast newsletters. 

PLEASE COME OUT AND ENJOY OUR SHOWS. They are always a wonderful time and support a great cause. Thanks for supporting live music and music education!

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